Hip-Hop, Music — January 22, 2013 at 7:17 pm

Vacation Suicide (produced by @Closer & @mutabeatz)


Last week, one of my favorite artists, Johnny Polygon released Vacation Suicide.  Vacation Suicide is a track off Johnny’s upcoming album called “The Nothing” that’s hitting the internet Feb. 20th.  If you’re new to Johnny Polygon check some of our previous articles at the bottom of this post.

Johnny Polygon is a solid and consistent artist – characteristics you don’t see often in todays music industry.  Most artists change their style based on what will sell in order to grow their audience quicker.  Johnny has taken the long and more rewarding road to success by sticking to making music he truly cares about thus building a following that truly cares about him.

fuckin around with the du du dumb lyrics. droppin some all new shit feb 20th called The Nothing. – Johnny Polygon

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