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Shane McConkey – G.N.A.R.Liest bro ever?


Shane McConkey - One of the most innovative free spirits to ever grace the sport of skiing with his presence. As a local to legendary Squaw Valley, he lived his dream every day of his life, which in 2009, was cut short while doing what he loved.

Shane lived an incredibly happy and textbook Enthuzed life from December 30th 1969 to March 26 2009, when the last thing he did on this earth was a double backflip off a cliff somewhere in Italy. Although it’s incredibly tragic when stunts like this go wrong and peoples lives are taken prematurely, I’m sayin for someone like Shane, a high energy skier and base-jumper, there’s no other way to go out. The man had been killing the sport of big mountain skiing for the duration of his career and has left an impression that will surely never fade. He is a legend, and an inspiration to skiers old and new.

It’s no easy task to put words on a blog that will do Shane justice, the bottom line is, he will remain frozen in history as an amazing soul, a total goof, and an absolutely legendary skier. Check out these clips from some of the more recent films he was in, to get a taste of what he was really about.

Weather he was dropping a cliff naked, flipping into a line that “doesn’t go” or chugging from a bottle as “Saucer Boy” Shane was always, literally always having a good time, which when you chop it up, is what it’s all about! That being said, as this ski season approaches, try to lay down some outrageous turns in honor of the lost legend. RIP Shane ;)

“IN DEEP, the skiing experience”


“Claim, The Greatest Ski Movie … EVER!”


“Skiing ‘N’ BaseJumpin”



If you haven’t yet seen/heard of G.N.A.R. I highly suggest kickin back with a 6-pack and watching the whole thing for free from the homies at Unofficial Networks

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