Summer Acoustic Series EP 4 :: Owen Plant – Wanna Go Back


A couple of weeks ago when we went to the Warped Tour to film an acoustic track with Mod Sun and Pat Brown, we bumped into Owen Plant; the Jamaican born, California based acoustic musician.  Up until we started filming, we had no idea what kind of music he played, we just knew his style was reggae-ish and he could jam – good enough for us. As soon as Owen started playing, Corey and I looked at each other behind the cameras thinking the same thing “Shit, this guy’s good”.  Owen went on to not only wow us on the guitar but his incredible vocals as well.  Enjoy episode 4 of our Summer Acoustic Series!

NOTE: We filmed this in the quietest room we could find at the Warped Tour…. Couldn’t escape the deathcore music rumbling above.  Either way, Wanna Go Back by Owen Plant will place you somewhere on Carribean sands.

Download Wanna Go Back below:

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