Music — April 26, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Lushous Thursday Night: LaviBeats, Kaskade, Tiesto


Here we are, another Thursday and another post. This week was treacherous to say the least but it has finally ended! So due to my incredibly busy night ahead, tonight will be short and sweet. First up we have somebody new to me but nonetheless worthy of being here. So since I do not have much to say, I will let the song speak for itself, enjoy:

Next up tonight we have America’s man, Kaskade. I see a large year coming for Kaskade and this newest release does not change my opinion. I’m not the largest mash-up fan but come on, it’s Kaskade! Plus this isnt just any mash-up, he did it using one of his own tracks. The song, Call out Epic with a solid mash of Sandro Silva and Kaskade himself.

So here we are again, Tiesto making another release and another banger. This guy is never going away and I love it! I am also psyched to see Swanky Tunes making big waves in the EDM world with the help of Tiesto and Club Life. The song, Make Some Noise so why don’ we do just that!

Short and sweet, just like I said. Have a fantastic night and go hard this weekend!

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