Music — April 12, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Lushous Thursday Night: Krewella, Avicii, Dada Life, Chuckie, Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner


Hello everybody and welcome home! Tonight I am going to start by hitting you in the face insanely hard and then end by soothing those wounds with some beautiful soothing tunes. So following that extensive threat, I plan on following it up with the first tune of the night. The original, coming from the studio of Knife Party, was already a grimey tune but then Krewella decided to take it and turn the grime knob up to 15! The song name speaks for itself though, but still, get ready to get smacked!

So now that your ears are blown and you need some nurturing, Avicii swoops in to mend the wounds. Silhouettes is not a new track by any means but to this day is still one of the most influential Avicii tracks in my opinion. Without going into crazy detail, the lyrics on this song do some serious work for me and I am continuing to love this track!

Song three of the night is coming at us from none other than the crazy Banana and Champagne Duo, Dada Life. There original tracks hit hard, and I mean hard. I have been a huge fan of these guys for a while and also had the opportunity to get a little production advice from them with one of my tracks. If you haven’t heard these guys tracks or seen there videos, let this music video sum it up. This is from their big hit of 2011, Happy Violence. Also, I’m going to include another video that shows how these guys function.

So now after understanding Dada Life, what do you think would happen if he took one of their tracks and handed it over the Chuckie? Well I know in your head, it probably looks like a war zone of epic drops and sounds but now we have a song to see what actually happens. Chuckie took on the task of remixing their track, Rolling Stones T-Shirt and added his own mix onto it. For now its only a preview but shit does it have me craving more!

And now that your amped up and ready to go, I bring you one last track to bring you into the night. For this track, Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner teamed up to produce this gorgeously sculpted track. Potentially a summer anthem for 2012, check this shit out now!

I’m going to conclude with some news tonight, as I am insanely pumped about it. In just over a week (April 20), I will be competing in a Redbull DJ Comp against some of the local Talent. Below is the info, so please, if your from the area, come support your Enthuzed music member!

Now your ready to embark on your nights adventures! See you next week where I will hit you with some sneak peeks from my set!

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  1. Goodluck @ Redbull DJ Master dude!!

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