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Fomo Friday – 10.18.13


For all of you who don’t know yet, it’s friday out here on these streets and as Weezy F puts so poetically, we’re way to young to die sober!   That being said, let me tell you what you should be doing this weekend if you think you’re cool.

If you’re in Boston tonight and you like snow, definitely get involved down at the Boston Winter Film Fest

Friday Oct 18th @ 7pm (showings start promptly):
“All Damn Day” by 4bi9 Media
“The LOSt” by Legs of Steel
Special submission Meathead films
“Our Own Way” by Brotherhood Films
“CRJ: The Chronicle of a Freeskiing Icon”

“Never Not” by Nike Snowboarding
“Naturally” by Jake Blauvelt and Adidas Snowboarding
“Nation” by Transworld Snowboarding
“After Hours 2″ by After Hours
Special submission from the Yawgoons
Special submission from Video Games Event
“Livin’” by Aaron Hooper & Will Film For Food

If for some reason you’re not going to be watching sick ski flicks all night tonight, then maybe you consider yourself a hip-hop connoisseur, in which case you probably already know about Joey Bada$$ and Ab-Soul playing at the Paradise.


Tonight in LA there is no shortage of activities … unfortunately you already missed the Body High party last night so the weekend is starting at a disadvantage, not to worry though there are plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself right on the horizon.

First, Disclosure tonight, be there, or you’re a square, or you’re poor and cant afford a $27 ticket plus the copious amounts of party favors … either way, be there (even though it’s sold out so if you don’t have a ticket already good luck).

Saturday presents some opportunities for the music aficionado. You can either go with Kaskade at The Shrine and keep your robot ears intact, or stumble into a heady Pepper concert at The Avalon to change gears. I’d probably go with the latter but that’s just me, it’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourselves.


That’s all I’ve got because I’m sick as a dawwwg and our Burlington and Jackson Hole correspondents are missing the concept here :)

Don’t let THE FEAR get the best of you this weekend!

Cheers – T_Crunk

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