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Kyle Galtes making Bali his bottom bitch

This is the first surf edit I’ve watched since moving from Southern Cal back to Boston … got me twisted up in the head after not surfing for a couple months now, asking things like, did I make the right choice? Regardless of that, and […]

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  One Hoodie To Rule Them All. THE AMERICAN GIANT HOODIE: GEAR REVIEW Words & Photos by: Ned Cremin American Giant® has taken your Hoodie to the next level. Engineered like a brushguard for life’s rugged adventures, the American Giant Hoodie offers a new standard for […]

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Epic Drone Footy – Tow-Ins To Some Heavy Waves @ Cape Fear / Ours

Check out some epic drone footy of some of the heaviest/gnarliest waves in the world. Down on the east coast of Australia, Cape Fear/Ours; all riders are being pulled by a RedBull jetski This wave breaks literally onto the rocks. Filmed using DJI Phantom 2 […]

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Pipeline Winter

This will probably be the sickest thing you’ll see online today. Pipeline – Firing – in Winter – via Drone … BOOM Check out this dude on FB :: Next Level DROPPING! @T_Crunk Tweet

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John John Florence – “Enjoy” Black + White Short Film

Surfer John John Florence dropped this short edit “Enjoy”, documenting his travels in Europe. Such a great feel and composition to this edit! Enjoy from John John Florence on Vimeo. Music De Temps En Temps by Josephine Baker Transaction by Pesteg Dreg, SS-Say, Martin Hall […]

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Surf Alaska – Video Series (Official Teaser)

A few native Alaska folk travel the coastlines of Alaska year round in search of the perfect wave. Whether it means travelling for days on end with no end in sight or catching the perfect tube for 30 seconds. These dudes are in tune with […]

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O’Neill Jackpot in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

Everybody that ever said that The Netherlands don’t have surf-able waves should get a realitychecking slap in the face and then be shown this video. O’Neill and Surfbenelux organised the “O’Neill Jackpot”, a surf competition on Dutch soil. Surfers and spectators called it the best […]

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John John Florence Ripping Fiji and Bali! – Feature Film “Again”

A short featuring John John Florence titled, “AGAIN”. Documenting the travels from Fiji to Bali. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence Surfing by John John Florence & Nathan Florence. Filmed by Blake Vincent Kueny & Erik Knutson Phantom Water Cinematography by Chris […]

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East Coast Storm Troopers: Episode 1

Follow a couple dude up the East Coast chasing this year’s hurricane swells. Coupled dudes, bunch of boards, endless waves, infinite fun. Every surfer on the East Coast restlessly anticipates hurricane season. September brings a mixed bag of excitement and apprehension, the feeling akin to […]

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Kyle Thiermann Surfs Endless Barrels In Mexico

Drift away with Patagonia ambassador Kyle Thiermann to the warm waters of Mexico. Just barrel after barrel in warm water. Jealous. Tweet

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