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Cydeways – Something To Tell Ya (ft. John That)

There are few feelings cooler than bringing together talented friends. Here we have a result of just that. Boston based up and comers Cydeways linked up with our boy John That and to say the least, the result is a major jam! I have a feeling […]

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Chapman Undie Run X Daft Punk

Granted I’m probably wicked biased when it comes to this video for two reasons. First being that I still have one more semester of this beautiful chaos we call undie run left before I can officially call myself a BabeCity alum, and secondly because Daft […]

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RL Grime – High Beams (Preview)

By now if you don’t know RL Grime, you can just leave. Here’s a preview of the LA based producer’s upcoming project ‘High Beams‘ dropping next Tuesday on Fools Gold. Based on the preview this shit is stacked with bangers and will be sure to […]

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Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Alt-J ∆ Cover)

If you’re not familiar with the 2012 British sensation Alt-J∆ and their debut album An Awesome Wave by now you’ve clearly been living under a rock. Regardless another one of my favorite Brits, Ellie Goulding was kind enough to cover their track Tessellate, love her. […]

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The Game :: Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar Remix)

The Game just went in on fellow Compton affiliate Kendrick Lamar‘s club banger, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. Game murders this remix just to remind everyone the West Coast waters still run deep. Truuue .Crunk Tweet

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Christopher Joseph – When You See Me Again

After going through a quarter life identity shift my good friend Christopher Joseph is finally ready to bless our ears with a taste of what he’s been working on. Coming straight from the heart of Germany, Christopher has been living in Berlin since the start of 2013, […]

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John That On The Roof

Went up to LA yesterday to kick it with our friend John That and he gave me a sneak preview of his mixtape which will be premiering here on Monday! The tape is filled with jams and maintains a real laid back vacation style vibe […]

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C.R. Johnson :: Rest In Powder

Three years ago today the sport of Skiing and the extreme sports world lost a legendary athlete and all around epic guy. C.R. Johnson was an instrumental player in pushing the sport of Freeskiing and helping progress it to where it is today. We all […]

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Dvnny Seth – Prespliffs Vol. II

Presenting the long awaited Prespliffs Volume Two from our British mate Dvnny Seth! Download the mixtape and make sure your bass is turnt all the way up, because y’allready know it’s stacked with bangers. Download Here! WOOP @T_CRUNK Tweet

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Our homie from across the pond Dvnny Seth is bouta drop some serious shvt when TEASPLIFFs is released. Here’s his latest teaser entitled WVRNING, maybe you’ll recognize the beat… Download via Soundcloud Big ups to Dvnny for goin in on this classic Biggie beat and doing […]

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