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Enthuzed Magazine Presents: Rastasaurus

What happens when you combine a group of extremely talented musicians who share eclectic backgrounds and a zest for reggae music and jam bands..? You get Denver Colorado based Rastasaurus, a soulful reggae infused powerhouse whose music is filled with lofty guitar riffs and delightful […]

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Spotlight Steeze // Nude Nuns with Big Guns

This past fall I went back to my alma mater for alumni weekend and consequentially was introduced to an enthusiastic kid named Cooper who dabbles in the language of music and, lo and behold, is rather fluent; not only that but he’s also part of […]

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The Human Tornado // ‘Whirling In Burlington Vermont’

So, my Saturday night included a delectable holiday dinner and wine with friends which led into exquisite corpse drawing and eventually the introduction to this; ‘Whirling in Burlington, Vermont’ – featuring a dude who spins around more in one sitting than was seen during the […]

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Alas, the notorious Skeleton Crew has released yet another filthy snow flick… Staying true to the roots, Media Offline features raw riding and of lots of alcohol fueled mayhem. But, it’s only available online for the next 24 hours so catch it while it’s fresh. […]

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Unreal Time Lapse Video – ‘Natural Phenomena’

This video is absolutely unreal, I mean honestly, the entire project is just beautifully done. The combination of shots highlighting the ‘natural world’ in contrast to that of our own; as well as the two seeing the two intertwined. The epic DatA song used for […]

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Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Johnny Danger Remix)

Los Angeles based producer sir Johnny Danger strikes again with another immaculate remix. [Direct Download] Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Johnny Danger Remix) Tweet

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The 5 Best New House Tracks You Need To Download; Immediately.

The title speaks for itself… SO here it is, a handful of massive electro house mixes ranging from laid back Nu-Disco laden remixes to raw in your face party jams and the in-between…. Enjoy! [Direct Download] Blende – Fake Love (Villa Remix) [Direct Download] Kaskade […]

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Indie Skate Film: The Epic & The Beasts

It’s not surprising that, with the given accessibility and relative affordability of cameras and DSLR’s capable of producing full HD flicks, there are a lot of well done skate films (and short films in general) being produced these days. I might even go so far […]

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David Guetta & Alesso – Every Chance We Get We Run (feat. Tegan Quin & Sara)

This collaboration of David Guetta and Alesso has to be one of the most massive collabos that I’ve heard in some time… and they live up to any expectations of them working together with their fresh release of ‘Every Chance We Get We Run’ which […]

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Mountains Beyond Mountains // Sunrise as seen from atop the Green Mountains

Once in a blue moon we have occurrences in our lives that result in a series of memories forever etched in our minds. For myself and a handful of very good friends such was the case this past weekend when, coincidently during this summer’s blue […]

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