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Sherpa Cinemas–Avalanche Safety in High Mountains

As the snowpack continues to build up for the 2016-17 season, make sure you and your buddies are safe out there. The popularity of backcountry riding and skiing has grown by over 20% percent over the past five years and the mountains are ever increasingly […]

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by / on October 31, 2014 at 12:59 pm / in Climbing, Diving

Crazy October Cliff Jumping In Vermont

These dudes aren’t afraid to throw on a wetsuit and jump into some COLD Vermont quarry water. Couldn’t imagine jumping into that water without one! Tweet

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These Videos Are Proof That Russians Are Completely Insane

After watching these videos I’ve come to the conclusion that Russians are quite possibly the craziest people in the world. As in they might be born with a death wish. Tweet

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Free Climber – Alex Honnold, Yosemite National Park

Just watching this video makes my palms sweat.  Free climber, Alex Honnold climbs what most people can’t climb with ropes in a day, without ropes in a matter of a few hours.  Talk about a badass with a death wish. Tweet

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