Longboarding — September 26, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Bored? Free? … Freebord!


Introducing the freebord. Essentially, a skateboard, with a spinning wheel attached where the kingpin is on the oversized trucks, and straps to secure your feet on the deck. I had a chance to ride one of these years ago before the board technology was where it is today, but judging from these videos, I’d say they’ve worked out the kinks.Here’s a look at the free-bording squad mobbing through Cali!


Currently everyone in the snowsports world has been gawking at the recently released film that Red Bull and Brainfarm Cinemas teamed up on called, The Art of Flight. I had the pleasure of screening the flick last week and I must say, it’s amazing. That being said I bring you, The Art of Slide which I’m presuming is essentially the freeborders take on the concept.


BONUS: Stop for a Dime
Boards … Babes … Enough said, this needed to be featured.

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