Board Babes — September 2, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Board Babes – Niki Gudex


Niki Gudex

For this week Enthuzed mag is featuring Niki Gudex, a professional mountain biker (yeah I’ll count that as a board babe). Honestly you don’t see too many hotties who mountain bike, but that makes Niki 10x hotter. I thought that she would be a great feature for Enthuzed, she rips and lives life to the fullest. I mean mountain bikers count as board babes right? Niki Representing all female athletes out there.
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Niki’s Sponsors:
Castelli Cycling
Roeckl Sports
Crank Brothers

Official page of Niki Gudex

Niki Gudex Gallery

Contributing photographers include;
Richard Bailey, Jodie Burns, Tim Cadiente, Steven Chee, Craig De Cristo, Derek Frankowski, Richard Freeman, Lee Vincent Grubb, Paul Hardwick, Hugh Hamilton, Russ Hennings, Tom Holland, Lucas Kane, Tom Kimmell, David Lindsey-Wade, Fabrizio Lipari, Jake McBride, Montalbetti & Campbell, Derek Morrison, Daniel Geiger, Yorick Carroux, Jennifer Rocholl, Richard Nolan-Neylan, Chris O’Connell, Brett Odgers, Michael Omm, Ezra Patchett, Bradley Patrick, Karl Pierard, Mario Reggiani, Tim Robinson, Chris Searle, Jez Smith, Hamish Tame, Dean Tirkot, Daniel Sommer, Simon Upton and Christopher Wray-McCann.Russell Baker, Warwick Ballhause, Tim Bardsley Smith, Jodie Burns, Rick Eaves, Derek Frankowski, John Gibson, Alex Guzman, Hugh Hamilton, Chris Herron, Ian Hylands, Ronny Kiaulehn, Phil Latz, Scott Markewitz, Jake McBride, Josh McGuckin, Gilles Mingasson, Tony Nolan, Tim Robson, Daryl Snowdon, Todd Warnock, Richard Whitford, Martin Wielecki and Jeff Zelek.

Niki Gudex

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