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Aesop Rock VS. ASAP Rocky


After being a hip-hop fan for years now, I’ve realized that lyricists can come in many different makes and models. Personally I think that’s all part of the beauty of the genre, meaning that all the different styles within it can be appreciated for different reasons.

The reason I bring up all this is because recently I’ve been bumping a lot of ASAP Rocky‘s jams. When I first heard of the young gun from Harlem, I couldn’t help but notice how similar his stage name was to one of my oldest favorites, Aesop Rock.

With all that in mind I thought I’d post some of my favorite tracks from both ASAP and Aesop and pose the question; Who’s the better emcee???

Round 1 ::

Aesop Rock – “No Regrets”

ASAP Rocky – “Trilla”

Now obviously these two tracks are incredibly different but like I said before, that’s the beauty of the rap game. If I had to choose just one I couldn’t; this is due to the fact that the lyrics in “No Regrets” tell an intricate story that I’ve loved for years, and the beat in “Trilla” is so toxic that I listen to it daily. That being said Round 1 results in a tie in my eyes.

Round 2 ::

ASAP Rocky – “Goldie”

Aesop Rock – “Daylight”

Again both tracks here have completely different sounds and feels but are both great for their own reasons. ASAP again with his badass trill beats and Aesop with his complex lyrics.

After getting this far in this post I’ve suddenly realized that I wont be able to determine a winner here. I can’t choose who’s better because the word better really all comes down to personal opinion, SO with that in mind I leave it up to y’all, post in the comments who YOU think is more skilled on the mic.

Also let me be the first to say that a collaboration between these two would be FIREEEE, and if it happens in the future don’t forget where you heard it first!

JUICE – T.Crunk


  1. ASAP is part of the cancer killing rap and hip hop

  2. I love carlies comment!!

  3. Yeah Carlie is right.. AESOP ROCK.. But I guess it is on opinion just I really wanna hear the others for ASAP .. There is a reason his name is Aesop. Lyrics are mad lovely bone thugs and hard like dre. Real like the beginning of this genre..

  4. It’s really lyrics over beat. In most cases the lyrics are the actuall talent performed by the actuall artist. Just because somebody is good because of how the beat sounds, then I think that’s sad. My favorite ‘rapper’ is Jonny 5 or Jamie Laurie from the Flobots in their case both the beat and the lyrics are the actuall talent because they have a band. I don’t want to listen to A$AP because he is famous in this time which means his lyrics are most likely shit and they only talk about weed. That’s all people care about. It’s sad half the people that are famous don’t have actuall talent it’s bad or mediocre lyrics with a good beat made by somebody else with some autotune and a well known supporter.

  5. I wish I could say this was another case of apples and oranges but I can’t. A$ap Rocky is a lyrical mess. He’s no different then all those other gangster, drug puffing wanna-bees. Aesop Rock has been shedding light on hip hop for years with his creative lyrics, unique and interesting beats, and his, thought out messages. I honestly don’t see how people who know Aesop Rock would continue to listen to Rocky. Sure it all boils down to opinion, but why settle for sh*t when you could have gold like Eyedea, Slug, Immortal Technique, Edan, Gift of Gab, Akrobatik, Sleep of Oldominion, Binary Star and many more underground artists.

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