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2016 FMB Maxxis Slopestyle- CFF WInter Park, Colorado



Text & photos: NED CREMIN

The 2016 Maxxis Slopestyle contest at the Colorado Freeride Festival is one of the iconic Gold events on the FMB calendar. This year featured 55 of the top pro’s and upcoming am’s competting for the top 20 spots in finals.

Matt Jones, of Great Britain, won the Maxxis Slopestyle competition on Saturday evening at Winter Park Resort. This win secures a spot to Red Bull Joyride in Whistler, Canada.

Nicholi Rogatkin, the top-ranked rider in the world, set the early tone by delivering a 92.3 in his first run and seemed destined to take the title until Jones unleashed a monster 94.6 in his second run to surge into the top spot. The highlight of Jones’s second trip was a double-flip on the final jump, the only one completed in the entire competition.

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Rogatkin, riding immediately after Jones, was putting up a sensational second run but the American couldn’t land a 1080 on the final jump, giving Jones the first place trophy and forcing Rogatkin to have to settle for second place. Rounding out the podium was Sweden’s Emil Johansson, who, in his first visit to North America, posted an 82.6 in the first run of the finals and held on throughout the entire competition to take third.

Johansson also earned a slot in the Red Bull Joyride in Whistler, Canada, considered to be the Super Bowl of Slopestyle riding.


Matt Jones (GBR) 94.6*

Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) 92.2

Emil Johansson (SWE) 82.6*

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Final Results
1. Matt Jones (GBR) 94.6
2. Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) 92.3
3. Emil Johansson (SWE) 82.6
4. Brett Rheeder (CAN) 81.6
5. Carson Storch (USA) 81
6. Logan Peat (CAN) 80.3
7. Ryan Nyquist (USA) 80
8. Max Mey (GER) 79.6
9. Lukas Knopf (GER) 77
10. Tomas Lemoine (FRA) 75.6
11. Sam Pilgrim (GBR) 75.3
12. Paul Genovese (CAN) 74.6
13. Anton Thelander (SWE) 74.3
14. Josh Hult (USA) 74
15. Thomas Genon (BEL) 72.3
16. Louis Reboul (FRA) 69
17. Max Fredriksson (SWE) 67.6
18. Nico Scholze (GER) 54.3
19. Drew Bezanson (CAN) 44.3

The Top 20 qualify for Maxxis Slopestyle Finals:

1. Brett Rheeder (CAN) 89
2. Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) 83
3. Matt Jones (GBR) 81.3
4. Thomas Genon (BEL) 80
5. Paul Genovese (CAN) 73.3
6. Drew Bezanson (CAN) 72.3
7. Carson Storch (USA) 72
8. Ryan Nyquist (USA) 71
9. Nico Scholze (GER) 70.6
10. Lukas Knopf (GER) 68.3
11. Max Fredriksson (SWE) 68
12. Logan Peat (CAN) 67.6
13. Greg Watts (USA) 67.3
14. Tomas Lemoine (FRA) 67
15. Sam Pilgrim (GBR) 65.6
16. Louis Reboul (FRA) 65
17. Anton Thelander (SWE) 64
18. Josh Hult (USA) 63.6
19. Max Mey (GER) 63
20. Emil Johansson (SWE) 61.6

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